Andrea Beacham
Spiritual Director, Counselor

Facilitator, Officiant






Direction & Counseling

Spiritual Direction | Life Counseling | Group Direction | Pre and Post Marital Guidance | Grief Work and End of Life Guidance


Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of using a spiritual guide to deepen your awareness of the Divine in everyday life. A Spiritual director is rooted in both the visible and invisible realities of life. Conversations are based upon the topics you choose, whether you are dealing with birth, death, divorce, marriage, family scenarios, or other universal human opportunities and challenges. Spiritual practices as well as your hopes, dreams, struggles, griefs, loneliness, vocation, discernment and relationship with the Sacred are all welcome subjects for Spiritual Direction sessions. Andrea works both with people that are part of established religious communities and those that are not.
Appointments are monthly or more often for one hour.
Guided imagery, journaling, different forms of prayer, meditation, retreats and concrete suggestions are all part of the tools that Andrea uses in sessions.

From Des Moines:

I can vouch for Andrea’s great laugh, her keen intuition, her fine mind, her country girl pragmatism (she
grew up on a cotton farm), her womanly strength, and her ability to hold your feet to the fire when she
sees you trotting off on a path she feels is unadvisable, but without making you feel judged or stung.
Many times after I have been with her, I find myself reflecting on something she has said, and realizing
that the truth of it is building and resonating within me. She takes you where you are and as you are
while nonetheless guiding you with gentle ferocity to your best self. I greatly value her wisdom and
strength. Rebecca


Life Counseling:

Trained as a Spiritual Director and Counselor, Andrea has the ability to work with your whole self to help you become more aware of your life, your journey, your gifts, your roadblocks and your joy. She is willing to help you find a path through pain, discouragement and grief. She is a gentle listener as well as a strong motivator. It is easy to forget that what we know rationally is only a fraction of our being and of our potential. Our intellect, our physical awareness and our heart knowledge all must be honored and balanced to bring about whole, fruitful living. Andrea is passionate about helping you live into your highest self.

From Minneapolis:

Working with Andrea has had a profoundly positive impact on every aspect of my life. I came to work with her after a series of great personal losses and she helped me mend my broken heart, find my way back to myself, and build a more meaningful and purposeful life. She is a safe harbor, a healer, a fierce champion of Spirit, a wise and intuitive soul and unafraid to be with life’s greatest challenges. I highly recommend her as a deeply skilled, compassionate and wise spiritual counselor.

Nancy Day Blasberg, Marcus Buckingham executive coach and facilitator


Grief work and End of Life Guidance:

Journeying with folks through the end of their life has been a great blessing for Andrea. She is a
champion of dying well, of dealing with death honestly, of soothing the fear, and of honoring the whole
person in the dying process. Andrea will come to the hospital or home for these sessions. She will work
with those who are walking the paths of grief as they journey into a different way of living after
their loved one has died.


Group Direction:

Experiencing the growing awareness of the presence of the Spirit in a group setting brings about
dynamic growth. Active listening, delivering truth, showing compassion and sharing insights help
everyone in the group grow and mature in their spiritual journey. Andrea has facilitated groups of
different sizes and will be happy to design an experience for you.