Andrea Beacham
Spiritual Director, Counselor

Facilitator, Officiant






Rituals and Services

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How important it is to celebrate the life of one we have loved and to deal honestly and compassionately with those who remain! Andrea has facilitated many services in churches, funeral homes and at cemeteries. She will work with you to provide a meaningful and comforting service that finds joy but does not deny sadness and calls all attending to remember the unique individual whose life is being honored and to give thanks for the life of the deceased.


From Illinois:

My family and I can attest to Andrea's gifts and skills at providing a sacred funeral or memorial service to commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved one. Because she is at ease with death, she is gifted as a calming, comforting, assuring and compassionate presence with families during death and bereavement. You can be assured that the service will be planned according to your wishes, will be personalized to reflect the life of your loved one, and the details of its organization will be flawless. Her service is a gift you can give to yourself and your loved one in a time of great need. Mary


For some, traditional baptism within a particular religion is important and a strong tenant of their faith. Others who are not connected to a specific church may feel that baptism or christening for their little one is a way of initiating them into a spiritual life. The parents commit to provide a loving, Spirit-filled home for the child and opportunities for the child to grow in faith and wisdom.

From Dubuque:


We made the decision to have our granddaughter's baptism in our family home. At first, some of the older family members did not know quite what to think of having a baptism at someone's home. Andrea performed a unique spiritual ceremony which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We would recommend Andrea to everyone! Susan


Additional Rituals offered:

  • Services of Thanksgiving
  • Renewal of Marriage Vows
  • Commitments
  • Dissolution/Divorce Ritual
  • Croning Celebration
  • Coming of Age Ritual
  • House Blessings
  • Pet Blessings